Reference projects

Reference projects


Reference project 1

Motor vehicle mechatronics technicians 5+1 Model

CountryChina / Changzhou
Main focusTraining conforming to the model of the dual system with practical segments at the Rohr Vocational Training and Technologies Center (BTZ) and one year’s training in a German specialist company
CooperationJiangsu Changzhou City, Changzhou Technician College, SHB
Course duration2018 – 2023 (6 years)
Target groupApprentices from the Changzhou Technician College
Project description:This project centers around dual training as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician and totals an overall duration of 6 years training. During this period, our trainees will also spend 2 weeks of every semester visiting our Chinese partner. The final year of training takes place in Germany. All final exams are also taken here and the participants thereupon receive a graduation certificate based on the German qualification as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. This project is supported by the SBH (German foundation for promoting education in trades). Participants are mentored both technically and organizationally at all times throughout their time in attendance at the BTZ and at the respective specialist trade companies. Board and lodgings are provided as required with facilities on the campus. The residency in Germany also includes a culture program with excursions to visit companies and other points of interest.

Reference project 2

Module-based, specialized practical qualification of Chinese motor vehicle experts

Main focusSpecialized practical qualification for motor vehicles
Cooperation partnerHanns-Seidel-Stiftung
Course duration12/03/2018 – 20/04/2018 (6 weeks)
target groupChinese motor vehicle experts
Project description

Qualification of 9 Chinese motor vehicle specialist personnel over a six-week period, spanning three modules in collaboration with the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung. Upon conclusion of this advanced training, the participants received a certificate from the South Thuringia Vocational Training Center, attesting the successfully completed content.

The Chinese participants received both technical and organizational mentoring throughout. Our halls of residence are situated directly on campus and were available for use by the participants. All meals were provided by the campus’s own canteen, however, kitchen facilities in the apartments also allowed the option of cooking meals themselves. Simultaneous interpreters were on hand for the group the entire time to relay the subject matter. In addition to the technical content, a cultural program was also available to the participants on weekends as required (excursions, communal bowling evenings, bike rental, fitness studios)

Reference project 3

International work placement of students and teachers from Zespol Szkol Uslugowych / Miedzynarodowe staze zawodowe uczniow i nauczycieli Zespolu Szkol Uslugowynch
Main focusWork placement in vocational school as a technician performing hairdressing services
ContractorOstrow business service school
Course duration01/04/2019 – 12/04/2019
Target groupApprentices in the specialist field of hairdressing and two accompanying instructors from the Polish institution
Project description

The objective of this placement was to convey practical and theoretical skills in the hairdressing trade to participants by way of face-to-face tuition. The participants were assessed for their level of knowledge. The instructors were tested individually with regards to their abilities in order that they could be developed further over the course of the placement. Special emphasis was placed on the acquisition of soft skills during the work experience. This included teaching units such as professional consultation and formal customer communication. A hairdressing practice head for men’s and women’s hairstyles was made available to every participant throughout the duration of the placement, providing the opportunity to hone their cutting and colouring skills. The participants received both technical and organizational mentoring throughout and were provided with residential quarters on campus and a canteen for board and lodging. They were also offered the opportunity to join in cultural activities on weekends in order to better familiarize themselves with their host country and its people.

Reference project 4

MobiPro EU „European Training Initiative of South Thuringia plus - EASTplus“
CountryPoland, Italy
Main focusDual training of youngsters from EU member countries to safeguard the continuation of young skilled workers in the South/West Thuringia region
Cooperation partnerGerman Federal Employment Agency
Course durationBlock 1: 2015 -2019
Block 2: 2016 -2020
Target groupUnemployed youngsters from EU member countries
Project descriptionThis project provided a preparatory language course in the respective home countries of Polish and Italian students contemplating enrollment in our vocational training. This would ensure a smooth transition into the course being conducted in German. Professional support with close-knit communication was provided throughout the duration of the course to project participants by the South Thuringia Chamber of Trade, with a particular emphasis on the development of social skills. The companies involved were also supported on an organizational basis. Company sponsors in the training companies, a social worker and a special ‘learning day’ which took place once every month at the Rohr-Kloster BTZ educational campus were instrumental in integration into German social life and formation of a personal network.

Reference project 5

2018 Sino-German competition for motor vehicle technicians between South Thuringia and Beijing
Main focusPerformance comparisons between German and Chinese motor vehicle technicians
Cooperation partnerRKWC GmbH
Course duration29/10/2018 -03/11/2018
Target groupGerman and Chinese motor vehicle technicians
Project descriptionTwenty four Chinese and eighteen German motor vehicle technicians took part in this competition. Following an initial introductory round, the participants were informed of the dual system in Germany and were then presented with the very latest technical developments within the motor vehicle sector. Next came an organizational introduction to the performance comparison and the actual preparations for the competition. The performance comparison was made up of one theoretical and one practical segment, each to be solved by 12 Chinese participants in competition against 12 German participants. Part of this event was a comprehensive cultural framework and accompanying program for the Chinese guests. All participants were accommodated in a hotel situated directly opposite the campus, with full board also provided upon request. Organizational and professional mentoring of the participants was provided exclusively by employees of the Rohr-Kloster educational campus.